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Feel free to browse our current selection of ready-made terrariums. These creations have been carefully crafted with simplicity in mind to give you a worry-free growing experience.

If you’re interested in purchasing a plant, just let us know your preferred delivery date. We’ll do  the rest and get your leafy creation to you safely, securely, and quickly.

Many of our “create your own” terrarium kits can also be purchased through our Etsy and shipped.


Halloween Graveyard Terrarium ($18)

Get in the Halloween spirit with this spooktacular moss terrarium. A detailed resin skull lurks among dense, green mosses, while bones lay strewn about. What else lurks within this creepy scene? That’s for you to decide!

Miniature Amethyst Bubble Terrarium ($20)

A cute, compact crystal terrarium that looks great anywhere! Enjoy a vibrant green tillandsia (air plant), fresh green mosses, and of course, a large purple amethyst cluster.

Custom DIY Terrarium Kit ($22)

The colourful, complete kit for any aspiring terrarium-builder! This beautifully-packaged collection comes with a wide assortment of materials, so you can let your creativity shine.

Amethyst and Wildflower Geometric Terrarium ($60)

This geometric air plant terrarium uses amethyst and wildflowers to create a colourful, lush world. The immersive landscape is tied together by a selection of mosses and natural woods to add a final, rustic touch. A sleek and modern arrangement, this terrarium is a great gift or a welcome addition to any home or office.

Deluxe Air Plant Terrarium Kit ($23)

The colourful, complete kit for any aspiring terrarium-builder! This deluxe DIY tillandsia terrarium comes with a wide assortment of materials so you can let your creativity shine.

Ontario Granite Geometric Terrarium ($50)

A beautiful, geometric air plant terrarium that adds a burst of unique style to any room. This modern kit ties the air plants’ spiked greenery with the dazzling intricacy of Ontario granite, salvaged from highway blasting. Arrange it however you’d like, and feel free to add your own salvaged elements if you’re feeling inspired!

Amethyst Succulent Terrarium ($20)

This colourful succulent terrarium makes the perfect, pint-sized glimpse into a living green world. The glass terrarium can be hung anywhere, or placed on a shelf or desk to add a burst of flair and colour.

Geometric Ocean Terrarium ($45)

A living underwater world flourishes inside this sleek geometric terrarium, highlighting a robust air plant and an assortment of ocean decor. This terrarium provides a burst of creative flair in any home, and can be placed on flat surfaces or hung by a sleek black chain (included). It measures 5.5″ in diameter. A note on … Continue reading Geometric Ocean Terrarium ($45)

Geometric Succulent Forest Terrarium ($40)

A sleek, compact geometric terrarium that perfectly houses a colourful forest of succulents. This terrarium looks great in any bright room, providing a splash of vibrant greenery. The black container stands 5.5 inches tall.

Hanging Succulent Planter ($40)

Add a burst of colour on a desk or in the air with this versatile hanging planter. Low-maintenance succulents provide a colorful interior that looks great without keeping you chained to a watering can. The arrangement, not including rope, stands 12 inches tall.

Create Your Own Terrarium Necklace Kit ($12)

The perfect gift for any young naturalist, or the young at heart! Create your own unique terrarium necklace, using the dried wildflowers, vibrant mosses, and more! You can also add your own unique treasures, making this a one-of-a-kind delight you can treasure for years to come.  

Bamboo Desk Pal ($8)

Bring a little shot of colour to your room with this bamboo desk pal. If you like consistency, he’s the guy for you! Leave him for months and he’ll barely change, though he might shoot up an inch or so.